Since 1987, the graphic format GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) has been available on the net, but only in recent times has it become popular along with memes in social networks and instant messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

The next being a really cool feature that has been recently added to the app—the ability to add GIFs to our ‘InstaStories’.

Spice up your InstaStories with GIFs

First, make sure you have the latest version (29) of the app.

  • Open the application
  • Click on the camera icon to create a new story
  • Create an image or a video (in exactly the same way you did before)
  • Click on the icon to add stickers
  • Select ‘GIF’
  • In the search bar (located at the top, ‘write’ the word you want to search in the GIF menu and select the one you liked
  • Locate the GIF wherever you want in your story

iPhone users can also turn their Live Photos into GIFs or movies using an app called Lively.

GIFs work like any other Instagram sticker. You can move, rotate, enlarge, or delete them by dragging the GIF to the trash can, and you can also add as many as you want, create and use filters and layer several stickers or GIFs at the same time.



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